03 Sports Massage

We’ll be your home stretch.

The key to providing athletes with a well-rounded, results-oriented health routine is the balance between going hard and letting muscle rebuild. If you’ve over-exerted yourself at the gym or on the field, you’re not alone. It happens to us all. By understanding the limits that most people push themselves towards, we’re able to be the relaxing counterpart through focusing on completely restorative and targeted massage care.

We do this by addressing the overworked and underpaid muscle-tendon junctions. A Sports Massage, in concert with our other modalities, can you get ready for an upcoming meet, game, or marathon - or help you recover from a recent endeavor where you may have overworked yourself. We’ll get you back to using those muscle emojis in no time.


The Myologic Method


Nobody knows your pain better than you do, so we make it our mission to gather the best, most comprehensive data regarding your soreness, aches, and pains before we start.


With that information in hand, we'll guide you through our tactical approach to the best massage in Austin, each of which uses six personally tailored modalities.


Then, it's time to start. During the Myologic process, we'll be sure to communicate with you and alter our course of action in accordance with your needs.

what can Sports Massage help?

Muscle Soreness Prevention
Muscle Trauma
Muscle Sprains
Improved Flexibility
Reducing Spasms


Myologic Massage requires a credit card or debit card on file when booking an appointment. If an appointment is rescheduled or cancelled within 24 hours of its date, a cancellation fee of 50% of that previously scheduled service will be charged.