We push hard. 
So you can push harder.

Pain management starts with
Myologic Massage.


What we're about.

Whoever said “Pain is just weakness leaving the body” only had it half right. The truth is that you can’t perform, you can’t achieve, and you certainly can’t improve when you’re injured, strained, sprained, exhausted, or suffering from intense or nagging chronic pain.

Using the six modalities of Deep Tissue Massage, Neuromuscular Therapy, Sports Massage, Myofascial Release, Cupping and Orthopedic Massage, Myologic’s customized pain-relieving therapy will get you back to fighting fit, ready to take on the good kind of pain in no time.


How we help.


We pinpoint your pain points

Referred pain – where one part of the body causes pain in another – can seriously complicate any attempt you might make to feel better. Myologic Massage understands the complexity of the body and its trigger points and can solve most with our clinical massage approach.


We boost your biomechanics

Wanna know if you’ve got poor form? Your body will tell you. In fact, sometimes, it’ll even yell at you. Myologic’s techniques can alleviate pain you’ve suffered as a result of less-than-perfect form in the gym, on the track, or on the field.


We reduce your recovery time

Our massages strip and clear your muscles all the while finding and releasing tense knots, so your body can do what it does best: heal and strengthen on its own. For everything from plantar fasciitis to rotator cuff issues, to everyday issues like neck tension and general back pain, we can help.


What is The Myologic Method?